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Structure "Collection location in requests"

This structure describes the collection location and is a part of the request body in the methods creating a freight offer, editing a freight offer, creating a vehicle offer, editing a vehicle offer.

Field description

Name Description Data type Required
address Arbitrary (clarifying) address. String
areaId District id from the Directory. Number
countrySign Country id in the format ISO 3166-1 alpha-2, from the Directory. String
lat Latitude. Number
lon Longitude. Number
postCode Postal code. String
regionId Country part id from the Directory. Number
townId Town id from the Directory. Number
townName Town name. If the townId field is not specified, it will be defined through the townName or postCode fields. In case of failure, the loading/unloading sites will not be added. String


    "address": "в самом центре города",
    "areaId": 19,
    "countrySign": "UA",
    "lat": 50.25,
    "lon": 28.60,
    "postCode": "",
    "regionId": 0,
    "townId": 158,
    "townName": ""