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Structure "User"

This structure describes a user of the [Lardi-Trans] website ( It is the result of the API method Retrieving a user.

Field description

Name Description Data type Required
refId User id. Number +
createDate User creation date, ms. Timestamp +
brand Brand, trademark. String +
name Username. String +
firmCode Registration (identification, tax) code (number). String +
ownershipType User's firm ownership type. Type "Ownership type". +
address User's location data. Structure "User's address". +
address.details Address details. Street, building, etc. String +
website User's website. String +
vip Whether the user has the VIP status. Logical +
shipper Whether the user is a shipper. Logical +
carrier Whether the user is a vehicle owner. Logical +
gpsCarrier Whether the user's vehicle has GPS modules installed. Logical +
approvedContacts Whether the user's contact details are confirmed. Logical +
approvedProfile Whether the user's profile is verified. Logical +
topBrand Whether the user is in the top rating. Logical +
rating User's rating info. Structure "User's rating" +
face Contact person. String +
phones Phone numbers. Array of "Phone number" structures +


    "refId": 12528341424,
    "createDate": 1508500405000,
    "brand": "Бренд", 
    "name": "Петров Петр Петрович",
    "firmCode": "1954701600",
    "ownershipType": "ENTREPRENEUR",
    "address": {
        "town": {
            "id": 137,
            "name": "Kyiv"
        "area": {
            "id": 23,
            "name": "Kyiv Reg."
        "country": {
            "sign": "UA",
            "name": "Ukraine"
        "details": "ул. Шабалина 25"
    "website": "",
    "vip": true,
    "shipper": true,
    "carrier": false,
    "gpsCarrier": false,
    "approvedContacts": true,
    "approvedProfile": false,
    "topBrand": false,
    "rating": {
        "positiveCommentCount": 136,
        "negativeCommentCount ": 0,
        "ownCommentCount": 80,
        "points": 5.7
    "face": "Иван",
    "phones": [
            "number": "+380(95)3222332",
            "messengers": ["VIBER"]