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Directory "Loading types"


Retrieving loading types.

URL structure

GET /v2/references/load/types

List of parameters

Name Description Parameter transfer type Required(+)/Default(value)
language Localization language. Usage details. Query string parameter ru
ids Additional filtering options. Query string parameter


Array of structures "Loading type".

Sample request

curl -X GET -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Authorization: 3WQ1EQ465C4005000130" ""

Sample response

        "id": 24,
        "name": "верхняя",
        "mnemo": "top"
        "id": 25,
        "name": "боковая",
        "mnemo": "side"
        "id": 26,
        "name": "задняя",
        "mnemo": "back"
        "id": 27,
        "name": "с полной растентовкой",
        "mnemo": "tent_off"
        "id": 19,
        "name": "со снятием поперечин",
        "mnemo": "beam_off"
        "id": 23,
        "name": "со снятием стоек",
        "mnemo": "rack_off"
        "id": 22,
        "name": "без ворот",
        "mnemo": "gate_off"