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Retrieving my freight offers


Retrieving all freight offers for the current user.

URL structure

GET /v2/proposals/my/cargoes/{status}

List of parameters

Name Description Parameter transfer type Required(+)/Default(value)
language Localization language. Usage details. Query string parameter ru
page Number of pages. Request Param 1
size Page size. Request Param 100
status Enumeration "Offer status". Path parameter +


Array of "Freight" structures.

Sample request

curl -X GET -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Authorization: 3WQ1EQ465C4005000130" "" 

Sample response

    "content": [
    "paginator": {
        "current": 0,
        "perPage": 100,
        "pages": 1,
        "totalSize": 61