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Structure "User's subordinate contact"

This structure describes the user's subordinate contact. It is the result of the API method Retrieving user's subordinate contacts

Field description

Name Description Data type Required
contactId ID of user's subordinate contact. Number +
face Contact person. String +
phones Phone numbers. Array of "Phone number" structures +
email Email address. String
skype Skype™ id. String
note Note on contact. String
visible The subordinate contact visibility indicator. Logical +


    "contactId": 432558,
    "face": "12345",
    "phones": [
            "number": "+380(97)6544568",
            "messengers": []
    "email": "qazxsw99edc@qwe.rerttt",
    "skype": "hgjhgjh",
    "note": "123456",
    "visible": false